Whole Life Insurance

Final Expense

Whole life is a plan that lasts your whole life. These are considered Final Expense plans, they are small, affordable, permanent protection, they are regulated by your state and are designed for folks who live on a limited, or fixed income. Such as, social security, disability, or veterans on VA disability.

Final Expense plans aren't the real big expensive plans, they are simple, small and very affordable - they are permanent - once you lock in they will never change. The price can never go up and benefits can never go down, and most importantly they can never cancel it on you!!

One of the reasons Final Expense plans are so popular is because they have a built in saving plan. The cash value of the plan refers to the portion of your premiums that is put into a “savings account” that grows tax-free over the course of the policy's life. It is available to you as living benefit that the you can use for anything you want while you are still alive. Many plans come with additional living benefits at no additional charge. Click here to learn more about living benefits

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